THANK YOU for partnering with us in our mission of Healing, Teaching and Preaching by making a payroll donation to our NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation. 

Your generosity enables us to to provide much needed medical care, patient assistance, grief counseling, employee emergency assistance, medical enhancements, continuing education for our medical staff and much more. All funds raised are used to benefit our Northeast Arkansas community. 

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Recurring (Per Pay Period) deductions will continue unless otherwise specified in writing and submitted the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation.  

Personal Time Off (PTO) hours will be deducted from current available balance. The cash value (number of hours x hourly rate of pay minus taxes) will be the amount donated.
Once donated these PTO hours are no longer available for personal use and 40 hours of PTO must be maintained to make the donation valid.

All personal information is confidential.  

The Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation does not provide goods or services as whole or partial consideration for any contribution.